A Lazy Man's Guide To Making Millions Monthly Online (Buy once... Learn forever!).

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On this page, you will find everything you need... Everything is arranged in the order you should take them. However, it is not compulsory to follow my arrangement.

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This course is broken into THREE modules:

1. Secrets and strategies.

2. Priceless Bonuses.

3. Support Group/Community.

Module One:

Video One:  What is WhatsApp and why use WhatsApp?

Video Two: What is a WhatsApp TV and why you should pay a WhatsApp TV?

Video Three: How To Know What To Sell

Video Four: Hot strategies to sell like crazy on WhatsApp.

Video Five: The 4 P'S of Marketing

Video Six: Three (3) Steps To Positioning Yourself Online.

Video Seven: Don't ever do this in marketing

Video Eight: The Science Of Offer Creation

Video Nine: How To Bulk Save 1,000 Contacts With Ease.

Video Ten: How Anybody (Even Newbies) Can Start Selling without Owning a Product with Kenny Nwokoye

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Video Eleven: Skyrocketing Your Sales Through Content Marketing with Iyanuoluwa Illesanmi

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Video Twelve: New Approach To Creating Contents that sells with Veralyn Chinenye

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Video Thirteen: How To Sell Your Brain Without Losing It with Zim Simon

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Video Fourteen: How To Earn Consistently From Your Knowledge with Niyi Soyinka

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Video Fifteen: How To Make 6 - 7 Figures Consistently on WhatsApp With Fortune Nnamdi

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Video Sixteen: Die-hard Hack on How to Work Less and Earn More With Tarz Ighor

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Video Seventeen: High Ticket Closing Techniques with Ronald Nzimora

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Video Eighteen: Selling Without Opening your mouth with Emmanuel Akpe

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Video Nineteen: Creating Digital Content that sells with Grace Kalu

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Video Twenty: How to Access Sustainable Wealth with Bitcoin Chief

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Video Twenty One: How to make millions from Affiliate Marketing with Fortune Nnamdi

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Video Twenty Two: Business Foresight and Execution with Akin Alabi

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Video Twenty Three: Goal Setting and Goal Getting with Elisha Mamman

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Module Two: Bonuses

Bonus One: How To Generate and Monetise Ideas With Kishlay Rag

Bonus Two: My Six Step Formula for Selling on WhatsApp

Bonus Three: How to Twerk Social Media Algorithm to 10x our Sales

Bonus Four: Dominating Facebook For Profit

Bonus Five: How to Win your market with Branding with Nestor Kalu

Bonus Six: Goal Setting and Goal Getting

Bonus Seven: Audience Building and Conversion Course

Bonus Eight: Follow Up Hacks Used By Top Closers

Other Bonuses (Resources) 

1. How to sell without selling (My Sales Guide).

Here, you will learn how I made my first 3,000 naira and the exact strategies I used to make it.

Other things you will learn:

- How a starter can get clients.

- Businesses a student can start to earn money.

- Sales strategies electricians can use.

- How to sell like I do.

2. Gosh! I hate selling.

What you will learn:

- Three reasons why many never sell no matter how hard they try.

- Your sales target, sales opening and market domination strategy.

- How can I start getting clients as a web developer.

- Is over charging real or customers just assume they are overcharged?

- How to increase perceived value.

- The fastest way to become visible online.

- How to handle I will get back to you.

- My client agreed to pay me but hasn't said anything, what should I do?

- Should I reduce my price for just one customer?

- Sales vehicles and how to use them.

- How to turn prospects into buyers.

- The SW sales formula.

- How to spot the decision maker.

Support Group

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