After Moving From Zero to over $500,000 for himself, students and Clients in 12 months....

Young Internet Marketer Reveals How He Made Over 8 Million Naira From His WhatsApp Status (Without Running Paid Ads)

... an Exclusive System that can make you more Money selling on WhatsApp from the comfort of your room.

Benin City

March 2022

In a minute, you'll be able to make the decision, to make as much sales you want on WhatsApp.

And what I'm about to introduce to you is so powerful that I hardly share it with the public

And to prove to you how powerful it is,

Here's the Testimonial of a 17 year old boy that implemented these same secrets 

And he made crazy result in less than 30 days - he pulled 2,600 (1.3 Million Naira) in less than a month)

From using a whack phone that was hanging to buying a 4G phone with 8GB ram after a few days

But Here's something you need to know before we proceed

Just like every other entrepreneur, I have had my fair share of challenges, days without sales

Days I sold for weeks without even bagging $1, it was so so terrible... 

I was so frustrated

Days where I went through sleepless nights due to pain, stress and failed projects

Tried Building four start ups that failed and I have learnt many lessons in the process.

Also,  launched several products that did not sell and over 70 kinds of services that failed woefully.

In April 2020, I hosted a celebrity and pegged my class at $10 - Guess what!

Only one person paid... 

I was frustrated and I literally felt depressed, I felt like a complete mess.

It was as if anything I tried working on, would never give results

I was in this endless cycle until I heard about WhatsApp Marketing

And I was told that it involves selling either products and services

And as you know, I ventured into it without proper guidance

I kept on trying different things I could lay my hands on

From Public Speaking To Graphic Design to other areas

Still nothing was working

But I was seeing people making it BIG on WhatsApp

People who were making Consistent 6, 7, 8 Figures monthly

Just by selling on WhatsApp

then I had to take a break off social media to actually study WhatsApp Marketing and exactly how it works

Few weeks later on,

I started getting results faster than I imagined implementing what I learnt

Trying few things here and there 

To see what works and what doesn't work

I never knew selling on WhatsApp could be so Profitable until….

I launched several offers on WhatsApp that sold massively

I was like, let me try few other things to see more results

I had a class, Closing Deals Effortlessly, and got over 100 signups who paid $2

I had another class, Sell like A Don and Had 104 Persons pay $2

Had a Challenge called the One Million Naira Challenge and had 100 signups at $6

Put up an offer on my WhatsApp Status and made $600 in Just 24 hours

Also, I made close to Six Figures $150 in less than one hour on my status from one offer

Also, made $900 in 24 hours selling on WhatsApp

And lastly, Made $1,460 in exactly 4 minutes in the DM.

After a little calculation, I Observed,

I have gone ahead to make over $16,000 from my WhatsApp Status without running paid ads

I decided to package my exact steps, strategies and processes into an Exclusive System

That will show Other Struggling Entrepreneurs how to start selling the right way on WhatsApp

But I wasn't in a haste to sell it though

Just wanted to be sure it has produced crazy Results for me first before I share it with the public

But then, I've had business owners run to me complaining of low sales and their business almost crumbling,

Entrepreneurs who complain bitterly that despite courses and services they have, no sale seem to be coming through

Just like Paul,

Who's a Graphic Designer who was charging Peanuts for his services

He'd organize WhatsApp Classes for his skill but yet still struggled with conversions

He went ahead to create courses still he was struggling to get People to pay

But after he got access to this same exclusive secret I'm about to reveal to you

Here's what he has to say...

Not just that, within the space of two months, 

He has gone ahead to make 600k+

And he's not the only one here

Here's Iyanu Oluwa:

Who also Struggled to sell Online

He has courses and classes but still struggled with sales

Launching new offers Month after month but no result

After he got access to the Exclusive information too

He was able to make 1.2 Million in 3 months

This is someone who couldn't make a million naira since he opened his account in 2018

Now making it in 3 months following simple instructions

Moving on….

Here's Simi,

A 17 Year old lady who's in her 100 Level in the University 

Who reached out to me via WhatsApp and got access to this Exclusive Information too

And looking for a skill to learn online, 

She got into PayPal account creation...

Creating PayPal accounts for people

And Teaching others how to create PayPal accounts too

I never knew she was doing well

Until I asked for her sales report for the month of November last year

She sent her report and made $830 in one month

Someone who was struggling to make even $100 per month

Funny thing,

She didn't have an account of her own as she was not up to age

And she had to use her friends account to receive payments.

And Lastly, Here's Taribo:

Who is into Branding and Graphic Design

Before now, he was having tough times closing clients to pay him

Struggling to get paying clients for his services

But after he implemented the secrets I'm about to share with you

He was able to close a client $980 for a single gig

Here's someone who could hardly call the price of his service

Someone who does not even know what to say when on a call with a client.

Is closing $980 in one deal

That's to Show you how effective this Exclusive Information works…

Achieving all of these using WhatsApp only.

Asides all of that,

Here's a Quick question to you...

What can really change in your life and business now when you get access to the Exclusive System in your hands?

Because once you have it…

You'll be able to:

> Create High in demand, hot selling digital Products that sells like crazy

> Choose high profits affiliate products that will make you alot of money

> Sell anything in the online space whether product or services

> Drive massive traffic for what you sell without spending money on ads

> Setup crazy sales WhatsApp funnels that converts

That you can begin making huge Figures selling  on WhatsApp again and again…

Starting tomorrow...

Making Predictable Income month after month

And regardless of whether you want to use this system to:

> Learn high income skills that will make you never go broke

> Write magnetic copies that brings you more money

> Create Compelling contents that sells your offers easily

> Craft Irresistible and No Brainer Offers that sells like crazy

> Build relationship, nurture and close your audience

> Grow raving fans you can always sell to and so much more...

You'd be achieving so much success.

Just like Peter who got access to my teachings

And after then, his sales skyrocketed

What about Joseph who said my teachings are comprehensive and easy to apply

And since then, he has gone ahead to receive credit alerts everyday

Implementing the strategies I shared

Are you starting to see how effective this Exclusive system works?

If you observe, you'd discover the consistency in their results

They're all getting crazy results even from implementing half of my teachings

Not because they're super humans

Rather they follow simple instructions, implementing what they learnt and getting results 

But don't let me bore you with people's results after using this Exclusive System 

It's all about you today...

And in it, I'm set to Reveal to you secrets on....

> How I grew from 0 to 2,500 WhatsApp Status views

> How I got Influencers like Ronald Nzimora and Emeka Nobis to pay me just to advertise on my status

> How I grew from charging $10 per advert to $42 and was pulling hundreds of thousands weekly just from my status

> How I made $500,000 for my clients and students in just 12 months

And more.

Everything was done while selling on WhatsApp using this Exclusive Information

But here's what I need to tell you

All of these didn't work by magic or luck

They all implemented what they learnt before the Results

They all sold something before money was exchanged

If you feel you need a program that at the click of a button

Everything will start working automatically,

Then you need to stop reading now and close this page

But if you're Ready to Start Selling Out More and More of Your Offers

You want to quit that struggle of making 1 sale per day to making 8 - 10 sales per day

You want to understand  the Algorithm and Psychology behind raking sales Effortlessly on WhatsApp

You want to sell and make at least $600 and above monthly Consistently, month after month

Then  I’m Excited To Tell You About My New Created Course:

WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit

The Beginner's Guide on How Any Newbie Can Make Millions Monthly Selling on WhatsApp [With Tools Included]

A Complete WhatsApp Marketing Program for Making Repeated Sales and BIG Profits Selling Anything on WhatsApp

From the name,

You don't need to look left or right for any Secret or tactic or strategy when it comes to selling online

You're getting the Exact Steps and Strategies...(Exactly What I do and How I do it)

First Hand Information and "Best Kept Secrets" from me and other Highly Sought Experts….

When it comes to Selling Anything in the Online Space (WhatsApp Inclusive)

And to show how effective and powerful this program is...

By December 31st Last year, I allowed some of my students to have access to this course on preorder...

And the testimonials so far has been beyond expectations

An example of this is Temitope who after watching the modules has this to say...

And here's what Chris has to say....

And here's also Oluwadare that said the course opened his eyes....

Another example is Samuel that watched the first module of the course..

And said the course is an absolute Steal

And to see if you're a good fit for this Program

Here's a Complete Breakdown of what to Expect in the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit

What is WhatsApp and why use WhatsApp?

This is the first step to becoming a WhatsApp Marketer

It all revolves around the basics... (What you need to know)

About the various features on WhatsApp that can help you make more sales with less stress.

What is a WhatsApp TV and why you should pay a WhatsApp TV?

So you don't end up trying to attract leads or build your list the wrong way rather you advertise with TVs who can give you Results

But there are certain things you should look out for before running ads on WhatsApp TVs

So you don't fall for the traps of those who promise you high status views but you're getting nothing in return

And that's what you'd be learning in this video....

How to run Profitable Ads on WhatsApp TVs that'd give you results and more ROI.

Moving on, there's….

The Science Of Offer Creation 

That'd show you step by step how to create Irresistible and no Brainer Offers

Offers that make people feel stupid not buying from you.

Your Offer is ONE of the Pillars of your marketing

And sadly many entrepreneurs have been taught that Creating Irresistible Offers is…

Stacking lots and lots of bonuses, giving discounts or even reducing the price

But it's far more than that

And just like Toyin Omotosho, said…

That's why in this module, you'd be learning step by step how to craft offers that'd make people beg you to take their money.

How To Bulk Save 1,000 Contacts With Ease

Staying online all day replying and saving contacts isn't what you want to do as a Successful Entrepreneur

You know how stressful and time consuming that will be

You need a system that can bulksave thousands of contacts in a minute at the click of a button

And in this video, you'd be learning how to Automate your WhatsApp to reply to hundreds of people 

And save thousand of contacts without your involvement

How To Know What To Sell Online

(Be it WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform) 

So you know what the market wants, deliver it and bank in more money

Hot strategies to sell like crazy on WhatsApp

Where you'd discover Never-known Strategies that you can use to skyrocket your sales and make more profits.

Three (3) Steps To Positioning Yourself Online

So you can be seen as an Authority and Leader in your niche so that you can sell out effortlessly

The 4 P'S of Marketing

That you should know so you can sell out online effortlessly and repeatedly

Don't ever do this in marketing 

So you don't fold up in business or go broke trying to build or sell online. 

New Approach To Creating Contents that sells With Veralyn Chinenye

In recent times it was proven that contents is one of the best ways to sell out online

But very few persons know the ingredients of these kind of Contents that sells

And so when they create contents, they get accolades instead of sales 

And that is what you don't want and so in this module, you'd be learning....

> How to create contents that sells your products easily

> How to write Content that sells that already put your audience in a buying trance 

(and they have no choice than to buy because you hooked them)

How To Earn Consistently From Your Knowledge with Niyi Soyinka

Making money selling what you know and love.

Die-hard Hack on How to Work Less and Earn More With Tarz Ighor

Many Entrepreneurs work too hard online to earn a Living

They'd work Hours upon Hours, Keep late nights just to Build a Profitable business online

And at the end it only keeps the feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and leading to total burn out

But It doesn't have to feel like that any way though

That is why, this module will introduce you on how to Sell online without struggling and how to build a business that'd give you total freedom.

How Anybody (Even Newbies) Can Start Selling without Owning a Product with Kenny Nwokoye

And in simple terms this is Affiliate Marketing

A simple business model that Complete Newbies Are Doing using their Smartphone To Legally Make As Much As N300k A Month

With no product or capital required...just your smartphone and data

Plus a Product that you can pick...

Promote, get your commission and smile to the bank.

Skyrocketing Your Sales Through Content Marketing with Iyanuoluwa Illesanmi

Where you'd discover exactly how to market your contents for more sales.

How To Make 6 - 7 Figures Consistently on WhatsApp With Fortune Nnamdi

Making Consistent $200, $600, $1,000 and even $2,000 is possible if you know exactly what to do.

And it doesn't have to look like a "God when" thing when you have the right information before you

In this section, I'll be showing you step by step how to make these figures effortlessly without Stress, 

Not just that

In this module, I disclosed  vital elements and tactics you can apply to pin your audience to buy your offers in a rush

Same Strategies that I use to sell effortlessly daily on WhatsApp amongst fierce competition.

And what I've said might look like hype until Illesanmi sent in his report

$380 made between November and December

Made $540 in January

February made $1,504

How To Sell Your Brain Without Losing It with Zim Simon

where you'd discover how to make money from your brain and create a tribe that consistently pays for your knowledge.

High Ticket Closing Techniques with Ronald Nzimora

In simple terms,

High Ticket Offers means Offers that range from $1000 and above

Can you close such Deals in the DM?

> Without shaking or thinking of what to say

> Without losing the sale or the client

With this same secret, Joseph was able to close millions just on WhatsApp

Imagine being brought to the table and sitting in front of Ronald Nzimora 

And then being taught…

> How to Close these clients effortlessly in the DM

> How to handle difficult clients and Prospects

> How to handle buyers objections and resistance and more

Wouldn't that be profitable to you?

And after that, we'd move on to....

Selling Without Opening your mouth with Emmanuel Akpe

Where you don't have to go one on one trying to convince a prospect to buy from you

Rather with just a pen and paper or with your notepad

You'd craft out words that will compel people to buy what you sell

Craft words to sell out your Offers without talking much

Without you having to be present physically.

Creating Digital Content that sells with Grace Kalu

Where you'd learn how to create, launch and sell digital Products

Digital Products that solves the pressing need of people and in turn…

They're ready to pay you ANY amount so you can scale your monthly income with an additional $200 - $1,000 monthly

Just like Chidi who's a Freelancer on Upwork

And when he listened to the teachings,

He has gone ahead to do multiple figures selling his digital Products on WhatsApp

How to Access Sustainable Wealth with Bitcoin Chief

Where you'd learn "Cold Secrets" of how Some Brands are Generating Massive Sales Worth millions wrapping up the year recording sales worth 7-8 figures yearly. 

While some brands and businesses fold within a year or 2 of starting

How to make millions with Affiliate Marketing with Fortune Nnamdi

Getting Affiliate Products is one thing, then selling those products is another ball game

And in a bid for most affiliate marketers to make their first sale or make more sales

You see them spamming influencers comment section with their Affiliate links

But it doesn't have to be so 

And when this 16 year old lady listened to my teachings

She was able to make her first sale after struggling for close to three months without any sales yet

As an Affiliate, how does making daily sales for your affiliate offer sound to you?

That's why I created this module

Where'd you discover how to make your first sale or make sales consistently every week

Hitting your milestone maybe $200, $1,000, $2,000 goal.

Business Foresight and Execution with Akin Alabi

Where you'd watch Akin Alabi share secrets on how to Build a Business that thrives both online and offline without stress.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting with Elisha Mamman

Where you'd learn Exactly How to Achieve SMART Goals In Any Endeavor Of Yours Without Breaking A Sweat.

Imagine having access to all these secrets in the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit

Wouldn't that be more profitable to you?

And that will bring us to the Next Question,

How much is it worth to you after getting the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit?

Just like I said earlier on,

This is one course that is designed with EVERYTHING needed to start and scale a WhatsApp based Business

Helping you eliminate all the confusion that comes to selling on WhatsApp

And most importantly provide you with the skills needed to sell online

Just like Obedience said,

"This is one course that contains everything I needed to market on WhatsApp Profitably"

Which means no stone is left unturned and nothing is left out of place

As you'd be learning high income skills that'd ensure you never go broke

High income skills ranging From:

> Traffic Generation

> Audience Building

> Sales and Marketing

> Sales Closing

> Copywriting

> Digital Product Creation

> Offer Crafting

> Content creation

> WhatsApp Marketing

> Affiliate Marketing

Learning all in one course

Learning from Highly sought after experts.

I included everything you'll be needing which you'd be paying lots of thousands for

Learning each of these skills would cost you nothing less than $200 each

But you'd be learning them in this Course

Not just that you are Learning from the Best of the Best 

Highly Sought After Experts and Industry Experts showing you the Fundamentals of each of these skills

Learning from Ronald Nzimora or Akin Alabi would cost nothing less than $2,000 for an hour

And if you're to pay for my one-on-one monthly coaching where I work with my mentees, that will cost you $1,000

And If I'm to Guide you in my group coaching Program (Sales Mastery Academy) for one month, that will cost you $200

Let's not even talk about my One-on-one Strategy session that folks pay $100

But you'd be getting the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit today for a ridiculous price.

You see,

It gives me so much joy packaging the Knowledge I have on selling into a single program

And when I see folks Like Eze David Closing $900 in one sales call

Implementing what they've learnt from me

I know I needed to make this program all you need to start selling on WhatsApp and swim in crazy Profits

Because, in it you're Provided with the Tools, the ABC, the 123, the ideas and Strategies....

That has helped me and other ordinary people like you….

Who have turned Successful Marketers that makes 6-7 Figures monthly Consistently selling on WhatsApp

So no matter what you sell either digital, physical or affiliate product, 

This course is exactly what you need to sell out faster and cash in more profits.

So even:

> If you sell physical products and you want more sales going from 0 to 100 to 300 sales more month after month...

> Or you sell Digital Products and you want to sell out more on WhatsApp, going from 0 sales to 10 sales to 100 sales of your products 

> Or you're an Affiliate Marketer on Any Platform and you want to sell more and bank in at least $600 to $1,000 and more Monthly

> Or a Service Provider who'd love to close high ticket deals as from $1,000 and more selling on WhatsApp

> Or a Newbie who wants to start a Profitable online hustle and scale at least $200 to $600 monthly selling on WhatsApp

Then, the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit is Exactly what you need to Get Started to....

> Exponentially increase the number of sales you're currently making now

> Dramatically skyrocket your revenues and monthly income

> Drastically Generate more profit so you will be able to afford whatever you want...

Looking at the massive value you'd be getting from this Program

You aren't paying anything to close to a million naira to get exclusive access to the secrets in this program

You aren't paying anything close to $1,000 Which would still be worth it

Neither are you paying $200 for the course because that's a complete steal for you

Heck, you aren't paying $150 which is what most persons pay just to have a call with me

I decided not to collect that amount because I really want you to change the way you sell

I want you to stop selling as a Hustler or as a marketer, but rather as a consultant

Where you're in that position to call the price you want without blinking an eyelid

Or overthinking where your next sale, customer or customer would come from

Rather you sell from a standpoint of Confidence and that'll make you sell out effortlessly 

Build an army of audience who trust and buys from you

Buying Whatever you put out there, whether your own product or affiliate product

So right here on this page, you'd be getting access to the WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit for a ridiculous fee of

$100 only

To get started now, simply click the button below…

And you’ll then be taken to a secure checkout page…

Where you’ll complete your purchase.

And you will be taken to the access page from there...


And I guess, I'm missing one thing and you've been rolling your eyes since the beginning of this page

And that's the Part on Guarantee, well....

The Course Comes with a Conditional Money Back Guarantee

Here's what I mean:

I worked hard to put together the extremely valuable information in this program…

Talk more about getting the speakers to handle each module

So I'm not interested in individuals who pays for courses and ignore them

And sit back waiting for manna to fall from heaven

In as much as I invested time and resources to put up this program for you

You must take your time to go through each of the modules in this program

And implement what you'd learn step by step to see the results

Because the Money isn't made when you get access to this course

Rather you'd see results and of course make money when you implement what you'd learn

And that will lead me to offer you a conditional money back guarantee,


When you get Access to the course and....

Watching the Videos in it

Reading through the Guides I'll be giving you as bonuses

Implementing all you'd learn step by step and no results

Then come back with proof that you took action on what you learnt and no results

And I'd gladly refund you any amount you're investing in this course today

Sounds fair?

But if you know you're looking for a Get Rich quick scheme

Where you don't have to roll up your sleeves, 

And work to see results

Then I'm sorry to tell you this

The WhatsApp Marketing Starter Kit isn't for you

But if you're still interested...

And you understand everything I've said so far,

Here's what you should do NEXT...

Click the BIG button below,

You'll be taken to a secure page where you can make payment

And after that you'd be Granted access to the Access Page 


Now, given everything I've outlined so far in the Whatsapp Marketing Starter Kit

I should have just stopped here.

But I didn't want to leave any stones unturned;

I want this Program….

To be the Best Program for you that guides you to making it BIG selling on WhatsApp

I'm not giving you these bonuses just because I feel like giving you random bonuses

No, I'm giving them out because...

> I want to help you get faster results in a shorter time

> I want to help you shorten your learning curve

> I want to help you start earning as soon as Possible after taking this program

> I want to help you get maximum value for your hard earned money

And after Ifeoma went through the bonuses, here's what she said:

Truth is that they're too valuable enough that I can place price tags on them and sell them for at least $40 each

And it'd still be a steal but I want you to get lifetime access to all of them for FREE

So here's the list of amazing bonuses for you...

Bonus 1: How To Generate and Monetise Ideas With Kishlay Raj (Video Course)

Here I went on a Live Interview with my Indian friend, Kishlay Raj where he shared secrets on how to monetise your idea and make huge money from it

Because having an idea isn't enough, infact it's useless if it can't make you money

People don't pay for ideas, People pay for what your idea can produce....

Just like Janet Said,

And in this short Video course, you'd learn…

> How to see Opportunities in Problems and create offers around it

> How to come up with a BIG IDEA that'd project you far higher than your competitors selling same products

> How to convert your ideas into tangible Products that people Will gladly pay for

> How to Monetize your idea, Passion and Experience and make more money from it.

> How to easily come up with a UNIQUE message that makes whatever you are selling stand unique in any industry. 

And it doesn’t matter if whether you sell products or you render services, it's definitely for you

This course can be packaged and sold for N30k but you'd be getting it for FREE


Bonus 2: Follow Up Hacks Used By Top Closers (Audio Course)

Where you'd learn Exactly how to follow up your Prospects and leads without sounding needy or pushy.

You see, no matter how good your offer or even your sales page or product is...

Some people won’t buy immediately which is human nature...

And that’s why you need to know the Hack used by Top Closers so you can follow up your Prospects the right away

> Without sounding pushy or salesy

> Without looking needy or desperate

> Without begging or pleading for the sale

And once you can Follow Up the Expert's way, you'd be able to convert your Prospects and Leads into Real time Buyers and Clients

Who'd keep buying from you over and over again and that's more money for you in return.

This is a stand alone course that sells currently for $20

But you are getting it for free after you get the Starter Kit today 

Bonus 3: Audience Building and Conversion Course (Audio Course)

Where you'd learn step by step how to Build your Audience from scratch to at least 1000 views.

Audience Building is the Major block that makes marketing Profitable 

And many online entrepreneurs tend to overlook this particular area

So they focus after creating a Product, looking for the new closing hack or the latest sales strategy

Without paying attention to their audience and that's what moves the sales and huge figures you see online

And that's why I dedicated this section to showing the exact steps and ropes to Audience Building

I disclosed secrets like....

> What you need to know before generating leads

> How to create an irresistible lead magnet

> How to generate Massive traffic without paid ads yet

> How to nurture these leads you've attracted the right way

> How to convert these leads into paying clients and MORE

And after Victor listened to this course, here's what he has to say:

Implementing the ideas and strategies in this course will help you build a Profitable list of Audience that will buy from you continuously till you're sold out

What people pay for this course is $10 but you're getting it for FREE.

Bonus 4: My Six Step Formula for Selling on WhatsApp (Video Course)

Where you'd learn the Exact Formula to Make your First million in 90 days or less.

This is the first step to becoming a Marketer who commands sales effortlessly 

It all revolves around the basics...

Even if you have been making sales in your business selling on WhatsApp

Or you are just a newbie starting out on WhatsApp or selling online in general 

This is one Video course that you need to watch with a book and a pen close to you

The module is not designed for newbies only but for Marketers who have the experience of selling

Just like God's Will who watched this module and here's what he has to say:

I can't disclose the Details of this course because that's where the "secrets are contained"

This course can be sold as a stand alone course for $30 but you'd be getting it FREE

Bonus 5: How to Tweak Social Media Algorithm to 10x our Sales (Video Course)

Social media is like a two edged sword that can either make or mar you

While others are busy scrolling through social media aimlessly, others are making a living from it

And this is beyond having a smartphone and a social media account

It's about Tweaking this same social media algorithm to 10X your Sales 

And that can be achieved when you...

> Know and Understanding what the market wants

> Know how People think and behave

> Know how to Get into the head of your customers and....

> Creating the ONE HOT offer that will sell easily without stress

With this video course, you'd know how to leverage the power of the internet to drastically increase your sales.

This course is valued at $20 but you'd be getting it for FREE

Bonus 6: Dominating Facebook For Profit (Video Course) 

Where you'd learn how to position yourself to attract leads, customers and Potential clients from Facebook.

In this video, I did what is called "Facebook Handle Cleansing"

Where I took one of the accounts of my students and showed them the mistakes most entrepreneurs make

> Starting from the Cover Photo

> To the Profile Picture

> To the Bio section 

> And to the Facebook Timeline

> The Kind of Contents to have on your timeline

And after that I took my own bio and showed you how to structure your Facebook Handle

> To position yourself the right way to attract leads...

> To ensure your customers see you as the right person to buy From...

> And make your Prospective Client's to see you as the Right Person to work with...

Just like Miracle who implemented what he learnt from this course and said this results has been massive:

You'd hardly find videos like this online because very few have knowledge in this area but you're lucky you're getting it for FREE

Meanwhile, that’s not all I have to give to you.

There's more....

Infact, to make you easily succeed in the WhatsApp Marketing Industry

So you'd stand out from the noise flying here and there

Having a Unique Voice that helps you sell effortlessly than your competitors

And your audience connecting with you and your business

I have decided to add some fast action bonuses for you.

And here’s what that means:

If you take this course right now…

I will be giving you the following bonuses:


Humans have grown more resistant to selling these days

Heck you no longer sell to them...

Rather you help them buy....

But how do you help them buy when you don't know how to sell?

You see the trick? That's why in this simple Guide:

I'll be sharing with you how I made my first $6 and the exact strategies I used to make it.

This is a story that when I talk about it openly, People still asked, How it was possible

Other things you will learn inside this guide include:

> How a starter can get clients.

> Businesses a student can start to earn money.

> Sales strategies electricians can use.

> How to sell like I do.

This Guide sells for $4 but you're getting it for FREE.


This is a Guide where I disclosed my best known and best kept secret on sales that you'd hardly find anywhere

It's beyond the sales tactics, hacks and strategies you know or you've been told

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> Three reasons why many never sell no matter how hard they try.

> Your sales target, sales opening and market domination strategy.

> How I started getting clients as a web developer.

> Is over charging real or customers just assume they are overcharged?

> How to increase perceived value.

> The fastest way to become visible online.

> How to handle "I will get back to you"

> My client agreed to pay me but hasn't said anything, what should I do?

> Should I reduce my price for just one customer?

> Sales vehicles and how to use them.

> How to turn prospects into buyers.

> The SW sales formula.

> How to spot the decision maker.

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