What Mentorship Is and Is Not.

Truth is, most people are not looking for mentors, they are just looking for people they can manipulate to get their products and services for free instead of paying for it.

… and truth is, your motive will always show. Begin by working on your mindset.

Nobody would want to mentor a parasite. Nobody.

Nobody would want to mentor someone who is stagnant.

Make sure you are growing at least and your growth is visible to an extent.

People prefer to mentor serious people, not lazy people.

Most times, we are the ones sponsoring our delay.

They come and preach all manner of lies, how this changed their mindset, how it helped them become better.

When you check, there is no visible progress… Give them assignments all you get back are excuses.

People you admire didn’t get there by making excuses.

Show us you can be mentored and submit to mentorship.

When one of my proteges came to my house for mentorship, although I noticed he was wise… I told him he wasn’t going to do anything online until he passes one test.

He asked sir what is it?

I threw my wristwatch at him and said “close me”, he was tensed at first but he closed me.

After smiling, I gave him another task, you are a closer, go and close this hotel… He came back and closed them, then I closed him.

Point is, he was serious about it.

Then I gave him a go-ahead to run his classes, when I saw results I was not even surprised at all.

Mentorship isn’t a call to enjoyment, it is a call to drilling and refurbishing.

Can you stay awake working for your mentors until 4 am? If No… Then, you don’t need one.

You need to fix yourself to an extent before looking for one, an Asian saying when the student is ready, the teacher will show up.

We don’t even know what Mentorship is. It is focusing on the process, never on the result.

Replicate the process, the results will show.

My mentor, Elisha Mamman will always say ” resourcefulness is how you use your resources”.

Signs that you are parasitic:

1. You have never joined their free classes.
2. You have never paid for their classes.
3. You have never done anything for them without expecting anything in return.
4. You connected with them to feed your ego and brag that you have their contact.

I’m process-oriented and result-oriented.

I gave many folks same Lead generation strategies, A lady Esther Odemwingie used it and pulled 702 students in her first class.

Another lady, Tunmise crossed 1,000 students (this surprised me).

Benjamin Ukwuoma crossed 1,000 students… They took action.

I took action and had 1,482 persons onboard after 4 days.

Same idea… Different results.

Tunmise is less than 20 but has been featured on the website for teaching over 2,500 people how to do photography with their mobile phones.

One of my proteges, Ilesanmi Shedrach (Content Grandmaster) listened, took action, and crossed 2.3 million naira in months.

You are your problem!

Do this… Excuse.

Host this… I’m not feeling fine.

Register for this… I can’t borrow

O boy, Accept the fact, you love your current position if not you will make sacrifices.

Go and hawk gala and sleep until you are serious.

Till we talk about Mentorship again.
Stay jiggy,


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