Why People Fail Online (In Spite of Your Ambitions) – Part Two.

There are many reasons why people fail online, funny enough it all revolves around their inability to take accurate actions as and when due.

1. Lack of clarity.

The online world is too busy to profit a confused person. Your first goal shouldn’t be to earn but to discover yourself first.

After knowing yourself, know your voice online and figure out the strategy that works for you.

In the online space, clarity is a necessity. It is an advantage. Let me tell you why.

There will always be challenges and downtimes, but you will only win when you are sure that you’re on the right path.

Most battles you will fight will not be won because you have mastered your tool, but because you have decided to fight long enough until you win.

It is only clarity that will convince you to fight long enough, even when all odds are against you. In all you do, gain clarity and know where you stand.

… But there is a major misconception here.

The misconception of “I know myself”… Truth is, you don’t really know yourself. You don’t even know what you are capable of doing.

You don’t know how much potentials you have… This is where mentorship comes in, you need someone ACTIVELY INVOLVED in your growth and progress.

A mentor is a role model, but a role model is not a mentor.

Mentorship is a conscious relationship, the mentor must know that you are his or her protege… If not, he or she will not be consciously involved in your growth.

In seeking for someone to guide you, get someone who is where you want to be, whose values align with yours and write a letter to them (WhatsApp or email).

Don’t bug them, wait for their response and be ready to serve.

Before someone will accept your mentorship request, you must be in the growing phase and your growth must be visible.

This is all for today, tomorrow at 4pm I will tell you another reason why people fail online.

Fortune Nnamdi

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  1. Good afternoon sir,
    I do find your article interesting. I just started a business, a seafood online market. Most times I do have the fear that it may not work. Before I was so eager to start up this business, but now I fear it may fail. I don’t know why I feel this way.

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