I was like that

I could not speak in front of 30 persons before, but today I have trained thousands of persons


it isn't your fault that you are shy

... but if you watch this video till the end, you will learn how to speak in public regardless of the number of people

Don't stop yet, keep reading...

Honestly, it pains me to see lots of young persons with so much potential hiding it because they are scared that people will mock them... Which is true

You know what to say but you know that when you say it, your family, friends and enemies will mock you non-stop

Maybe, you were even given a nickname, lol

and there is nobody to comfort you... It's so painful and tiring

The ones who are supposed to comfort you are even the ones mocking you.

I was mocked, given nick names, I ran away from dramas, singing and talking because of this...

chances are that one of this is your current challenge:

  • I know what to say, but I'm scared of saying it.
  • What if they laugh at me?
  • What if I say nonsense on stage?
  • I usually forget what I planned to say when I see my friends
  • I can talk to my friends but if you put me in front of 200 persons I will forget everything.

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