How To Sell Like Crazy Even in a Saturated Market.

I will open your eyes to a strategy I recommend for every beginner that can put at least 6 million naira in your account in four months if you use it well.

Some call it “a foot in the door strategy”.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is what one of my proteges used in pulling 2.5 million naira in ten days.

Don’t ever be too quick to sell.

Instead be quick to help. While helping, diagnose a problem you can solve for them.

After diagnosing, wait!

Don’t sell. Don’t ever sell a solution. Suggest a solution.

People who crave to sell, don’t sell.

People who close in a suggestive manner make the sales.

Imagine I show you a phone, allow you to use the phone for 30 minutes, then tell you that it can be yours with all benefits if you pay.

I hooked you with the benefits (you saw the benefits yourself) – You will pay!

Allow people enjoy their future in the present, then suggest the solution to them.

Let me explain how I sell like crazy using THE TRIPWIRE SYSTEM.


A TRIPWIRE FUNNEL is using an Email List to extract other people’s email addresses legitimately.

The first process of a tripwire funnel is to get potential customers on board for FREE either with a free eBook, a free class, a free video or something Free.

When they have gotten this Free stuff, you can now create a One Time Offer (OTO) and push it in front of their faces.

For instance, after attending my free class, I can upsell a #2,000 paid class to you – that is my One Time Offer 1.

Basically, a free stuff makes your potential buyers want to compensate you and they do that by paying for your paid class simply because they want to experience more than the Free stuff.

Just in case they didn’t join immediately, you can send them messages. That’s the essence of collecting their email addresses and numbers.

The Free stuff is to establish the KLT Factor – Know, Like and Trust.

You can either advertise using the Tripwire or by Priming just like Jumia does. What Jumia does is advertising before selling.

They announce their paid stuff even before the day of the paid stuff.

It means to sell the concept before the product. So, you can either advertise by Priming or using the Tripwire system.

Let me show you another strategy I use – Silence over words.

When selling, listen more than you speak. Allow them expose their pain point to you. Then use the pain point to sell to them.

You don’t sell because you talk too much, you won’t even know when they tell you their problem. And it is hard to know the solution to a problem you don’t even know.

Most times, we easily get discouraged, but listen, for the fact that you don’t sell today does not mean you will not sell tomorrow. Dust yourself and keep advertising.

I have had bad days. There are many times my classes didn’t sell. My first paid class had no student. Did I stop? No. That’s why I’m here.

Show up daily. If you don’t quit, you will succeed – I believe this!

If you don’t believe that you will sell, you won’t sell.

Sales is first mental before physical.

It begins from your mind.

Stay jiggy,


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