Discover how I moved from a timid and confused person to training eight thousand persons in less than one year

A Playbook to help you go from Fear to Better Speaking Presentation and Start making money from it.

It was terrible

So, many years ago I was very timid, shy and dirty...

I could go on any errand (except to speak in public)... If you wanted to kill me then, just tell me to address people and immediately I would begin to wet my pants

It was that bad and terrible

I remember at age 9

I was among the few people selected to speak in public and I felt like dying

Some persons noticed it, and one approached me out of love

He said "If you want to conquer stage fright, look above their head, look at the ceiling, their forehead or the door"


I believe they told YOU that lie too

It does not work...

It is just like preventing what will still happen, so as time went on, I began to:

  • Study books.
  • Watch YouTube videos.
  • Browsed through Google.
  • Ask people questions.
  • Join public speaking groups.

Did it work?

Yes it did to an extent 'but not completely'... I was still timid...

I got angry one day and spoke in my fellowship every Sunday for one year without missing it (10 minutes weekly)...

  • I began to rehearse (even while walking or bathing).
  • I began to practice with my friends
  • I even experimented with empty chairs and mirror

I became better, 'but not completely better'

Few months later, I helped a physically challenged girl top a public speaking competition...

If you are struggling to speak in public, or express yourself well then, you should get this book today

What you will learn from this book

Learn how to open your speech like a pro without doing trial and error.

Learn how you can put your face in the minds of people for up to ten (10) years.

Stop boring your audience with terrible stories and messed-up introductions, with this you will learn how to make them keep listening till you are done.

In a few months, I grew from not been able to speak to four (4) persons with nothing to speaking to over 8,000 persons with an award.

Majority of the things you were taught are lies, and some others are incomplete truth... Learn the hidden truths and strategies of public speaking.

There are many things you need to know about public speaking, that you don't know about...


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Who am I?

My name is Fortune Nnamdi, I was completely timid, shy and helpless.

I had so much to say and teach but I could not because of stage fright.

Fast forward to today, I have trained over 8,000 persons and I have decided to become a shortcut to other people.

I guarantee that if after combining all the trainings and you have nothing tangible to account for after Implementation, reach out to my via WhatsApp. I'll refund your pay. 

I won't ask you to act fast. You decide. 

Get into the game and start seeing massive changes now or procrastinate and discover later the price has gone up ... 

I'm sure you don't want that. 


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