Sales Mastery Academy

35,000.00 20,000.00

Sales Mastery Academy
1. How To Run Your Own Targeted FB Ads
2. How To Position Yourself Strategically in The Digital World.
3. How to Use Advanced Sales Techniques To Close More deals
4. How To Set Up Your Online Store For More Sales
5. How To Set Up Your Landing Page Using 20-Points Offer Optimization Checklist
6. Hacks To ATTRACT Clients Using HVO and RETAIN Them Forever
7. Understand How Customers Behave & Think
8. How To Use Practical Stepwise Strategies To Hit Your Goals Effortlessly.
But That’s Not All
1. Ebooks on Business and Sales
2. Paid Courses Worth Over 800$ For FREE
3. Video Courses
4. ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Session pegged at 5,000 for 15mins
5. I could easily peg this course at 500$ and it is still a Steal for you.
6. Top 3 Students get Full Access to my Exclusive Mentorship Program
Alongside myself AND 6 other Experts who make millions monthly.

Learn how to make at least 500,000 naira monthly using my blueprint with your phone.


Even if you have never sold online.


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