At Age 8,

 I was tagged 'The Shameless Dog" at school... Hated & Humiliated by Teachers... Plus all of the other naughty naysayers who thought no good of me.

At age 22, the intense of Impact I've made in people's life is extremely electrifying (you can replace that with an adjective of your choice)....

How far I've gone is really not my power.

Overtime, I've not only been making money, but also been fulfilling my purpose,

even while some years back, I had already given up on myself.

But The joy here is,

this story would have been 92.7% incomplete without you being part of my story.

Imagine the Fortune Nnamdi with zero views, no Followers, no Students, No proteges, no mentees?

You are as important in this journey as you think.

Its a moment for me to say thank you for being part of my journey, and giving me the chance to help you via my teachings, programs among all others.

Its no doubt that if you've read up to this moment, its a proof of how valuable I have been to you...

And, as I celebrate my 22nd birthday, I'll like to invite you to celebrate with me.

And here are the 3 ways to do that..

1. Share the moment with me: Dear, I have just 1 out of 365 days to get this. Will you deny me that moment?

In the section below, just tell me anything your heart feels to say to me.

Gratitude? Encouragement? Well wishing?

You don't know how far your words would go for me.

2. Steal my heart: My heart is reserved but can be stolen by those who knows the road...

with money, gifts, goodies, deliverables and many more.

Wish to melt the hard guy in me?

Well I just told you the secret.

Here is how to go about it...

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See you at the top...