A Lazy Man's Guide To Making Millions Monthly Online (Buy once... Learn forever!).

P. S. If you do not take action, shi shi, you will not make..

Firstly, you are very lucky you got this course, I can't wait to see you milking the internet dry like never before.

Get a special notebook for this course... It will help you.

On this page, you will find everything you need... Everything is arranged in the order you should take them. However, it is not compulsory to follow my arrangement.

But, for maximum results, please do.

This course is broken into four modules:

1. Mind Repositioning/Beliefs.

2. Sales and Marketing Reloaded.

3. Resources.

Module One:

Introduction (Audio)

What the HECK is selling? (Audio)

What every salesman should know (Audio)

Nobody is not buying from me, what should I do? (Audio)

Module Two:

The Deception of Social Media (Audio)

The Power of Positive Affirmations (Audio)

Bonuses (Resources) 

1. How to sell without selling (My Sales Guide).

Here, you will learn how I made my first 3,000 naira and the exact strategies I used to make it.

Other things you will learn:

- How a starter can get clients.

- Businesses a student can start to earn money.

- Sales strategies electricians can use.

- How to sell like I do.

2. Gosh! I hate selling.

What you will learn:

- Three reasons why many never sell no matter how hard they try.

- Your sales target, sales opening and market domination strategy.

- How can I start getting clients as a web developer.

- Is over charging real or customers just assume they are overcharged?

- How to increase perceived value.

- The fastest way to become visible online.

- How to handle I will get back to you.

- My client agreed to pay me but hasn't said anything, what should I do?

- Should I reduce my price for just one customer?

- Sales vehicles and how to use them.

- How to turn prospects into buyers.

- The SW sales formula.

- How to spot the decision maker.

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