6 Marketing Secrets to Make 7 Figures in Weeks (Selling Just Digital Products)


1. Charge Premium. Never charge low.

When you charge cheaply, people see you that way. Business is first about perception before what you bring to the table.

Instead of charging low, do free and request for testimonials as social proof. Premium or Free, never low.

2. Association Matters.

I made my first million by changing my association and environment. I began to see new possibilities, my mind began to attract money and it became a reality.

P. S. You are your friends.

3. You don’t need much to begin.

Start confused… It’s never about the crowd but the quality. You don’t need to have it all figured out, just advertise and learn what works.

4. Sales is where the money is.

Outside sales, there is no business. Branding is only relevant if it brings sales. Who does a business that isn’t profitable?

Focus on sales first.

5. Focus on ONE-ON-ONE CLASSES instead of group classes.

This explains itself. Focus and concentration is what births mastery.

Masters get paid, nobody pays a novice.

6. Get someone to coach and guide.

Under a proper coach, I made in 3 months what I couldn’t make in 4 years.

Get someone who has been there and can help you get there.

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