Is Patience Really An Advantage?

Don’t ever be in a place you are not wanted!
(Whether physical or online).

Implication: if a system doesn’t convert much for you, go to the platform that converts more for you.

How? Test several platforms and watch out for clues.

Too many a time, our problem is that we are too patient doing the wrong thing.

Patience is only an advantage when you are on the right path, this is why we have many patient poor folks.

Don’t stay in the wrong room for too much. Leave!

Leave and bang the door!

Most people won’t like what I say because you know it will change your life and you simply don’t want to change.

That’s your problem

Go and change your life!

Stay jiggy,


2 thoughts on “Is Patience Really An Advantage?”

  1. Omolade Akinbowale

    Hmmm Thank You sir. This is timely.

    Patience is only an advantage if I am on the right path 🤔

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