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Your Unconventional Invitation to be part of an Exclusive Hangout of Business Owners partaking in a Business Plan Review for the next one year.

Today You can copy my exact money formula

That Repeatedly Make My Clients And I Eight (8) Figures MONTHLY

Over 25 Million Naira Every Month... without leaving our rooms...

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10 Hours Training - LIVE IN BENIN

Online Streaming For Those Outside Benin.

Dear Business Owner, 

Truth is that you've seen those promises over and over again when you attend such classes and seminars yet no results. 

You've Taken Lots and Lots of Courses, Trainings and Masterclasses yet they are all theory and no LIVE Practical. 

I understand, it isn't your Fault. 

That's how the Digital space has been wired to teach theories and yet no proof that you gained the knowledge on Sales or Closing

But would you like to know all about my Exclusive Sales Strategies that I use to rake in Sales effortlessly?

Same Strategies That I have used to generate Millions of Naira in Sales for myself, students and clients?

So that you can apply them for yourself and Business and get More and More Customers than your business can handle?

These Breakthrough Concepts are so powerful that they have resulted in recent Sales totaling millions of naira

Infact, I have gone ahead to make #285,000 naira in just 24 hours using my WhatsApp Status and Smartphone

I have pulled over 7.2 Million Naira just by selling on my WhatsApp status organically without any paid ads. 

I have helped a Jambite hit his first million in 90 days using WhatsApp only without selling any Physical Product. 

I have helped Brands make over 15 million Naira in Sales in less than 21 days (three weeks).

My Results Make It Seem Like I Brag A Lot

But No!

Here is a testimonial from a client I helped generate millions in few days 

But it's not just about me, it's about you and on this page, I'll show you HOW to rake in Sales

So Here is the shocking fact that is motivating this invitation...

60% of businesses fail in the first 3 years of starting them.

And in a country like Nigeria where we have the economic recession

Most Businesses hardly survive even a year, so they they start and crumble in less than a year. 

Which brings us to the Same Question, 

  • Why are Some Brands Generating Massive Sales Worth millions of Naira while some fold up within the first year?
  • Why do some business wrap up the year recording sales worth 7-8 figures while some other add nothing more 5 figures? 

The cause of this is not the prowess or muscle one had more than the other. 

Neither is it that they aren't good at marketing their products.... 

Rather, its because of one core thing most business owners tends to ignore so much. 

And this is the main thing that births every other aspects you focus on... 

That's the singular reason why...

I want to show you exactly how to build a successful online business with Proven Methods that allows you Total Freedom

A Business that will keep thriving in the Nigerian Economy and keep Generating Massive Sales. 

But before we proceed into the main meat, do you fall into any of these categories?

  • Do you have a business or establishment be it Physical or Online and you'd like to see flooded with new and ready to buy Customers?

  • Do you have anything you'd love to sell? Products? Skill Sets? Knowledge? Information? Services? Yourself?

  • Do you want a Unique Strategy to Sell out your courses, coaching, information, consulting and service-based business?
  • Are you a Marketing or Business Consultant who likes to keep up with new ideas so you can better serve your clients?

If you've answered "YES" to any of the above Questions, then you should consider the Business Hangout Compulsory. 

And that's why I will be inviting you into the:


This is a Physical and PRACTICAL program that is commencing in the month of September 2021.

Now, here is the hard truth Which I'll tell you

It’s a program just for the few selected business owners that are ready to face the business war and win.

This is a Program for Entrepreneurs who are working too hard to earn a living and More....

And in this Hangout, we'll be focusing on these major areas which are the Pillars behind any Successful Business. 

+ Business

+ Marketing

+ Sales

+ Closing

And lots more

Here’s a little glance at what the 10-Hours Business Hangout is all about.

How to Dominate the Nigerian Market Irrespective of what you sell

Although they said, the recession in the country is on the increase, yet some Businesses are Booming in Sales Daily, weekly and Monthly

Besides there is a tough Competition between business owners and I'll show you how I was able to make Millions despite the number of Sales Coaches online...

And how you can use these amazing secrets and Powerful Strategies to outsmart, outmarket and outshine even your toughest competition especially if you're selling the exact same Products.

Four Sales Techniques that made me a millionaire

I Moved From 2500 Naira In My Account To Over 6 Million Naira In A Few Weeks 

And these four Sales Techniques which when modeled by any Entrepreneur out there is sure to make massive profits and scale their business to the next level

How to Know your Target Market in a very short while

The Problem of most business owners and Online Entrepreneurs is that they try to sell to Everyone which is very wrong

How do you know what exactly your Market wants? Their needs, desires, pain points, awareness level etc

And in this Hangout, we'll go in-depth into Extensive market research and Knowing who exactly are your target audience

People that will crave for your products and services and are ready to pay you whatever amount you fix.

Customer Psychology

Sales is not just about Convincing someone to buy or you try to bombard them with features and benefits of your products

You will also learn to understand how customers behave and think; for a second just imagine you know what your prospect is thinking...

You already know what to say to make them say yes. You will be able to peep through the window of their mind to see their pain point and hold them to that.

How to Craft your Unique Sales Message

You see, in a world where everyone is selling almost same product you're selling and they are chasing after your exact same customers

You don't need to sound like them, you need to stand out and craft your own Unique Sales Message that will draw the attention of Ready to Buy customers to you

And in this Hangout, I'll show you how to be positioned as the Leader in your niche that allows you to sell effortlessly with a well-defined powerful strategy

Customer Attraction and Retention

We both know that Customers are the Lifeline of every business and it's not just having customers that buys when you're giving out discounts anyhow

I mean Highly QUALIFIED, Paying and Ready to Buy Customers who are ready to buy your offers over and over again

I'll show you how to attract the right audience and clients into your simple marketing funnel without any budget for ads when you're starting out

How to Handle Sales Objections with ease

One thing you should know is that no matter how good your offer is, prospects or customers will still come up with various sales Objections and Resistance

And in the Business Hangout, we'd look at how to Soft-Handle Sales Objections to win the hearts of your Prospects

Also, how to Tackle Buyers resistance that Prospects shoot at you and make the conversation in your favor

Team Project (Operation Create and Sell a Product in 20 minutes)

Just Like I said earlier on, this would be different from other Other workshops, sales classes and Trainings you've attended in the past with theories

And so In the 10-Hours Business Hangout, we'd Have Team Project, where everyone would be placed in a team and they're to create and sell a Digital Product in 20 minutes

Imagine this session and at the end you'd be leaving the Hangout Having your own Digital Product and you'll sell them and make money for yourself

Operation Go and Close (practical)

This would be a PRACTICAL AND LIVE Session where every participant would go and close their potential Customers and clients

I tell you, this particular Session would blow your mind because you'll See How Closing Works and how you can Leverage on it to close more sales for your business

Now come to think of it, 

After Attending the 10-HOURS BUSINESS HANGOUT


What if you could suddenly start earning double, triple or quadruple of what you've been earning previously


Hitting your first 100k, 200k, 500k or even more by just Modelling what works and you get the results....


Would that make a difference in your life?


Just think about it for a minute.

You'll have the ability to do those things you wished you could when you have the money...


...Maybe it's to enlarge your business and employ more people to ease yourself of the stress you are passing through.


...An opportunity to start working on those new ideas you wish you had the money to execute.

...or it could be a chance to ease yourself of the stress you are facing now and spend more time on yourself and your family.

And you'll never have to worry about making sales consistently anymore or how to handle objections.


Never again

Instead, you'll continue making more weekly, monthly and in no time, skyrocket your annual income to 10x.

Now, you might probably be thinking...


Yea! All these sounds GOOD but that seems too hard to achieve!


I'm really struggling in making sales consistently in my business, and people don't seem to buy from me anymore because the market is competitive.


Well, if that's you.

Then Joining the 10-HOURS BUSINESS HANGOUT will be the BEST DECISION you'll ever make this year

How much do I need to join this Business Hangout?

Now, let's do a quick math here for clarity

Let's say if you're to pay for my One-on-One Monthly Coaching to Guide you through to making it big online, it costs N250,000

My Monthly Group Coaching where I Train Individuals on Sale Mastery costs N50,000

My One Hour Call Strategy Session where I give you the NEXT step for your business Cost N15,000

And also, you're not trained by me Alone, I'll be inviting other Sales Experts like: 

+ Ncourage

+ Coach Blackman

To show you their own Unique and Powerful Sales Strategies that has made them millions of naira

This program in its entirety is worth over 500,000 Naira because this is more like you are taking 10 hours of my time.


But even after that, I still decided not to take the normal worth for it because I know this Business Hangout will change your life and business Online

Instead, right now, and on this page only…

You can get the ENTIRE Program...

For a one-time payment of just N25,000

To get started now, simply click the button below…

And you’ll then be taken to a secured page…

Where you’ll make payment...

And you will be taken to the an Exclusive Group where further details would be communicated to you

Live Streaming Available if you can't make it to Benin.

Now, given everything I've outlined so far for the 10-Hour Business Hangout

I should have just stopped here.

But I didn't want to leave any stones unturned;

So I decided to include these amazing bonuses for you...

To help you scale and get results faster

Previous Sales And Marketing Materials (Priceless)

This bundle is only for those who have been struggling to sell their products and services.

With this, you will have people begging to buy what you sell without pricing.

I charge 250,000 naira to coach people monthly, but In the Business Hangout, you will have access to the Sales BUNDLE for FREE

Free Access to my 1 Million Naira Challenge

This isn't a class, it's a Challenge where I train Individuals and Entrepreneurs who have attended classes and yet they keep Struggling with Sales

I'll challenge you with proven tasks that would help you crush #1 million in less than 30 days

 Facebook Ads and Social Media

Organic advertisement is good, but paid advertisement is better.

'Why grow slowly when you can run faster?'

Even if you have no idea on how to run an ad, we will show you how to do so with your android phone (without a laptop).

Free Access to my closed Community for Sales Persons (Priceless)

The Problem of most people is that they sell today and Struggle to sell tomorrow because their zeal is low


We will not leave you after the workshop, instead you'll be added to our Alumni group where you will also Meet other Business owners for Questions and Answers.

That's all you'll be getting in the 10-Hour Business Hangout


Click the link above and You will be taken to a secured page where you will make a one time payment


PAY 25,000naira to 2111796324 Zenith bank, (account name: Fortune Nnamdi).

Use 10HBH as transaction detail

After that, send 10HBH to +234 816 127 1610 ( SMS/ WhatsApp)

You will be added to a group where more details will be communicated to you.


For almost 13 years of learning web development, I never made a dime.

But within few months, I waas able to hit my first 1 Million effortlessly.

The problem was not the skill I had.

It is an high income skill and I learnt it so well.

The problem was simply in the information I don't have concerning how to monetize my skill.

But after I got hold of the information, I haven't failed to hit 7 figures form about 6 months now.

.....Do you have a skill or products you want to monetize, sell and make reasonable amount with it?

....Do you feel you worth more than you charge and wants to charge higher?

....Do you want to make more sales in the next 30 days than you've done in the past 300 days?

.....Are you a sales person, a copywriter, digital marketer or an affiliate marketer who want to know the proven way of converting strangers to customers?

.....Do you want to double, triple or quadruple your sales in no time?

....Or you want to start making money online but doesn't know how to get started?

Then this is for Perfectly YOU!

And if after all the hypes , you think this meeting still don't worth x100 it's price, , I would simply return back your money.

So please, don't hesitate to reach out to mevia WhatsApp and ask for a refund.

I'll return your money and also make you withold the trainings and bonuses. 

So you have nothing to lose.

Click on the link below, and It'll lead you to a payment gateway where you can make your payments via card or bank transfer, anyhow....

Just make sure you finish somethng today.

Here are some other mindblowing results other people like YOU are getting from my teachings and materials.

So, It's up to you.

But A month from today, you can decide to make your business nothing more than just 30 days older- or you can set it on a journey to bring you the largest ROI(Return on Investment) you've ever had. 

You decide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't Travel down to Benin for the event?

Good news, you can get the Catch the Live Stream Exclusive for Paid Participants only

How is the 10-Hours Business Hangout Structured?

It's an event that will take place in Benin City, 5 hours daily for two days

Friday 24th Sept, 2PM - 6PM

Saturday 26th Sept, 10AM - 4PM

Fortune Nnamdi, is a Sales Strategist with proven results. 

He a graduate of the John C. Maxwell Certification Program: A two time JCI director, and a certified JCI (Junior Chambers International) Member –

He has also worked with reputable brands, Below are the brands names.

— Switchpath Consulting
— The Winning Mindset
— Temi Alade-Mustapha Foundation
— Elisha Mamman International
— The Digital Jungle
— KUSAMA, to mention but a few.

He have helped hundreds of businesses grow their sales in a short time.

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